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Our singularity: Being unique in the real estate market!
A national network Established in many French territories, the Arthurimmo.com network has become a reference for consumers over the years. We guarantee our clients a successful outcome to their real estate projects for sale or purchase, but we also specialise in rental management and many of our members are also co-ownership managers. Of course, 100% of our agencies have the double competence of real estate agent / real estate expert.
Our mission Provide the best advice to our clients and thus PROMOTE the well-housed property in France for a better quality of life in our regions.
Our vision of employment In our now digital world, our real estate agent profession is a real talent developer in the fields of commerce but also management. Our network trains women and men who will be close human links and we strive to remain visible in your territories to guarantee an essential value, proximity.
Our values The benevolence, the listening of the customer, the precision of our real estate expertises.
Our DNA Arthurimmo.com is a national network of real estate agencies under trademark license. We claim the unique character of our 100% expert approach which allows us to put at the service of our clients, a double competence: real estate agent and certified real estate expert. The Arthurimmo.com brand license offers a new approach to the profession. The positioning of the brand is unique and allows our members to make the difference, particularly in the evaluation of real estate thanks to the expertise that allows them to leave the world of approximation to enter the world of extreme precision. Arthurimmo.com is also a powerful national communication on BFM TV every day, all year long, which reinforces the local notoriety of our agencies. Arthurimmo.com is essentially looking for candidates who have experience in the real estate business and who are eligible for the professional card in compliance with the Hoguet law. We believe that training is also a guarantee of quality.